Hydrogen and electrolysis


Fresh impetus for the German turn of energy policies: Electrolysis test platform being built in Leuna


Hydrogen storage for renewable energy - The HYPOS project

Surplus energy from photovoltaics and wind farms is used for electrolysis – water is turned into »green« hydrogen.


Fraunhofer Electrolysis platform Leuna ELP

Understanding and using decarbonization by means of electrolysis as an opportunity for the energy-intensive chemical industry.


HYPOS Website

On the project website of the Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany, or HYPOS for short, you will find out information about the project and its initiators.


Using electrolysis to produce clean water and hydrogen

In Sonneberg-Heubisch wastewater treatment plant, in future green hydrogen will be produced as part of a research project.


Polymer composites as materials for electrolysis