Fraunhofer IMWS offers outstanding equipment for water electrolysis, especially with regard to material diagnostics down to the level of the microstructure and electrochemical characterization.

Elektrolyse Wasserstoff Membran
© Fraunhofer IMWS/Sven Döring

Electrochemical characterization

  • PEM electrolysis test bench up to 25 V, 150 A and 30 bar (Greenlight Innovation) – Single cells / short stack tests with individual cell monitoring
  • Potentiostats from Gamry, Princeton Applied Research (up to 30 A)
  • quickCONNECT test cell with liquid cooling and reference electrode
  • Rotating disc electrodes (RDE) and rotating ring-disc electrodes (RRDE) for electrochemical material characterization

Microstructural analysis

  • Various ion/electron microscopes (SEM, ESEM, TEM, STEM, EDX, WDX, EBSD, EELS, HAADF) as well as preparation techniques (FIB, microtomy (Ultra, Kryo), etc.)
  • Radiographic and acoustic processes (XRD, lock-in thermography)
  • Physical and chemical surface analytics (ToF-SIMS, XPS, UPS, AES, OES)
  • Topography and contour measurement (AFM)
  • Photo-optical and spectrometric procedures (light microscopes, UV/VIS/NIR, FTIR)
  • Electrical characterization (4-point method)
  • Thermophysical measurement procedures (differential calorimetry, thermogravimetry, dilatometer, heat conductivity measurement)
  • Material and trace analysis (ICP-MS, density and porosity measurements, Karl Fischer titration)