Weather protection, thermal insulation and electricity production

The Fraunhofer IMWS together with HKS Querfurt GmbH is developing a new component for building-integrated photovoltaics. It offers large potential, for example, for the modernization of buildings made with precast concrete slabs.

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Preventing corrosion through optimized surfaces

To protect electrical contacts from corrosion by optimizing their surfaces - that is the objective of a new project of Fraunhofer IMWS and SYNTHON Chemicals.

Initial funding decisions for High-Performance Center

Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Jörg Felgner, handed over the first of three funding decisions for the Chemical and Biosystems Engineering High-Performance Center to the Fraunhofer IMWS.

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How ships are protected from biofouling

Ships carry uninvited passengers such as algae and mussels on their hull. An environmentally friendly solution to prevent this is now presented by the Fraunhofer IMWS in an exhibition.

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Help for a dry mouth

A chronically dry mouth is a risk to dental health. Skinomics and the Fraunhofer IMWS want to create a remedy.

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Local active ingredients for the oral cavity

Applying medical or cosmetic active ingredients in the right place inside the oral cavity and ensuring that they stay there continues to present a major challenge. Fraunhofer experts are developing a solution.

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Adhesive from natural materials

Fraunhofer researchers are working on a sustainable adhesive formula without crude oil to bond composite materials to natural materials.

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Component safety concept for wood-polymer composites

A project at Fraunhofer IMWS is looking for solutions to make bio-based composites more resilient.

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New possibilities with low-pressure plasma

In a new project, researchers at Fraunhofer IMWS want to improve the possible uses and process controls when using cold plasma to optimize surfaces.

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Zahnpasta Einfluss Zahnschmelz Auswirkungen
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Maria Morawietz uses a brushing machine to examine the mechanical impact that dental cleansers have on teeth.

Interfaces are at the center of what we do – interfaces between animate and inanimate matter, internal interfaces in mixed materials and surfaces. We investigate these interfaces and develop technologies to change the functions of the materials using targeted interface engineering.

We develop surface modification and coating methods for producing biofunctional surfaces for our clients in medical engineering, the pharmaceuticals industry, biotechnology and polymer processing. We assess the mechanical, morphological and chemical properties of biological and biomedical materials and use nanotechnologies to functionalize them. Applications include, for example, implants with higher biocompatibility, improved products for cosmetics, oral and dental hygiene and materials which are protected against unwanted encrustation by organisms.

The main areas of our work:

  • materials science characterization and evaluation of medical engineering materials, oral and dental care products and cosmetic care products
  • Surface modification and surface evaluation, primarily of polymers
  • Mechanical assessment of materials under physiological conditions
  • Development of new materials with improved structure and surface compatibility and tailormade functionality
  • Development of sustainable and durable semi-finished products for the building industry