Like balsam on a wound

The Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS is developing new biomaterials for dermal application in the project »SkinNext«. The researchers in Halle use the unique properties of the natural fibre proteins elastin and collagen for this. These have great potential for use in the fields of dermatology and cosmetics, such as for improved wound healing after burn injuries.


Optimised surfaces for reverse osmosis modules result in better performance

Ceramic or polymer membranes are used for reverse osmosis, upon which deposits, so-called microbial coatings are formed. The Fraunhofer IMWS researches solutions for anti-adhesive membranes.


Prognosis of the performance life of 3-D printed components

Up until now, there is no methodology to predict the deformation and fracture behaviour of components, which have been produced in 3D printing processes. A research project at the Fraunhofer IMWS wants to remedy this.


Sustainable plastic made from organic materials

Plastics made from organic mass have been developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS in a group research project by the BioEconomy leading-edge cluster. The result is sustainable organic polymers based on tall oil, which can be used in building and furniture-making as floor coverings and structural foams.


Clean teeth, clean body, healthy environment

Together with partners from industry, Fraunhofer IMWS would like to replace microplastic particles dental care products with biologically degradable substances.



Adhesive from natural materials

Fraunhofer researchers are working on a sustainable adhesive formula without crude oil to bond composite materials to natural materials.


Precast concrete slab constructions 2.0

Buildings made from precast concrete slab construction can make a large contribution to energy efficiency. Fraunhofer IMWS develops a component to make this happen.



Local active ingredients for the oral cavity

Fraunhofer experts are working on a local drug formula against infectious diseases in the mouth.


Full steam ahead!

In a science exhibition, Fraunhofer IMWS  presents its solution to prevent vessels from marine fouling.  


The toothpaste's impact on teeth

What is the microstructure of teeth and how is it affected by fluoridated toothpastes? Fraunhofer IMWS finds out.


Help for a dry mouth

Skinomics GmbH and researchers of Fraunhofer IMWS are together searching for solutions to prevent and treat dryness of the mouth.


What we learned from the gecko

Researchers of the Fraunhofer IMWS, together with partners from industry, are developing a method with which the surfaces of polymers can be precisely modified to enable new material properties.


Perfect bristles through virtual toothbrushing

Developing toothpastes and brushes is time-consuming: Numerous samples must be made and examined. Simulation can help to make this process faster and cheaper.


No make or break

Researchers develop efficient composites from biomaterials