Workshop  /  April 10, 2019  -  April 11, 2019

8. CAM-Workshop in April 2019

» Failure Analysis and Material Diagnostics of Electronics Components«

In this series of workshops, we concentrate on questions like how to find, control and avoid defects; how to analyze and understand material interactions and as the final target, how to improve the quality and reliability properties of semiconductor components and systems. There is no doubt, that the workshop, which focuses mainly on practical issues, has been gaining momentum and its practical approach looks to be even more important in future. This trend is fueled by requirements arising from IC shrink, the increasing design complexity of homogenously or heterogeneously integrated electronics systems and the continuous introduction of more and more new materials, for example wide bandgap semiconductors. In addition, these cutting-edge semiconductor technologies have to meet the quality standards of reliability-demanding applications much more rapidly, in particular those of the fast evolving automotive electronics market.

Both, experts from the electronics industry and from material diagnostics equipment manufacturers will meet in Halle in order to discuss current and future needs in defect analysis and material characterization from the technology perspective; for sharing current results in failure analysis application studies. Furthermore, the experts will also present the latest achievements in newly developed innovative diagnostics methods, instrumentation and tools. These techniques are applied to secure the quality, yield and reliability of innovative devices.




Trends in semiconductor technologies, system integration solutions and electronics materials as well
as the resulting demands on failure analysis, material diagnostics and quality assurance methods

„„New results in fault isolation, target preparation and defect analysis applications

„„Case studies of failure diagnostics work flows for innovative technologies

„„Innovative methods and new equipment solutions for material characterization and defect analysis