Materials Insights 23 | 24 — Free expert sessions

In our Materials Insights 23 | 24 expert sessions, we introduce some of the latest highlights of our research focused on current and future needs in industry. Each session provides a 20 minute presentation from one of our experts and 20 minutes of discussion with the interested parties from industry and science.

If you register for one of our live expert sessions, you will also get access to the database of all recorded expert sessions of the series. The Materials Insights 23 | 24 sessions scheduled:


Date Topic Speaker Video Link
14.12.2023, 2pm Polymer additives — curse and blessing for the reliability of photovoltaic modules Robert Heidrich Video
16.01.2024, 2pm Numerical simulation and experimental validation of twin-screw compounding of polylactide and polybutylene succinate blends Dr. Patrick Hirsch Video
14.02.2024, 2pm Backside analysis strategy to identify a package related failure mode at an automotive magnetic sensor device Michél Simon-Najasek Video
29.02.2024, 2pm Advances in lightweight technology for high volume applications via efficient processing of thermoplastic composite sandwich structures Dr. Ralf Schlimper Video
13.03.2024, 2pm Steps forward to reliable processing of ultra-thin flexible glasses (UTG) Georg Lorenz not yet available
26.03.2024, 2pm ToF-SIMS — a new way for evaluating the interactions between fluoride and dental enamel (in vitro) Dr. Andreas Kiesow not yet available