Hydrogen sensors


Error analysis of an overloaded coulometric hydrogen sensor left: STEM bright field image of the TEM cross section of a YSZ right: STEM/EDX element distribution with crack and Al2O3 grains
  • Microstructural characterization of gas-sensitive layers and surfaces
  • Investigation of degradation processes in gas sensors
  • Analysis of the causes of failure of defective sensors
  • Material characterization and degradation in H2 environment
  • Degradation of catalysts
  • Thermal mapping of sensor structures and components
  • Fault diagnostics

Research infrastructure

  • Surface analysis: TOFSIMS, XPS, AFM
  • Microstructure and defect diagnosis: SEM/EDX/EBSD, FIB, (S)TEM/EDX/EELS
  • FEM modeling and simulation
  • Non-destructive analysis (acoustic microscopy, thermography, 2D/3D X-ray inspection)



Process and safety sensors for hydrogen quality management (HyPros)