The Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors works on the characterization and development of phosphors and phosphor systems. This work is focussed on comprehensive optical and spectroscopic analyses, thermal methods of measurement and characterizations of the LED module and performance testing in the laboratory. To this end we have excellent technical facilities and a service-orientated team with first-rate expertise. In addition to the equipment in the AWZ Soest the know-how and equipment of Soest University of Applied Sciences and the equipment in the other locations of the Fraunhofer IMWS are also available to us for our research work.

The equipment of the Fraunhofer AWZ Soest:

Electron microscope with EDX unit
Glove box with inert gas atmosphere and high-frequency kiln
High-temperature furnace up to 1800 °C
Photoluminescence quantum yield measurement station
6-axis robot photogoniometer
IR thermography system (active/passive)
CO2 engraving laser
Ultrashort pulse laser system
Photoluminescence setup with cryostat system (10 K -300 K)
Dynamic differential calorimetry up to 1500 °C
FT-IR spectrometer with emission unit
Raman spectrometer
UV-VIS-IR transmission spectrometer with Ulbricht sphere
X-ray diffractometer for voltage measurement, texture and phase analysis with high-temperature equipment and thin film analysis equipment, sample changer

Abstrahlung LED Test Prüfung
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Schweizer at the robot photogoniometer. The device is used for angle-resolved analysis of the directional characteristic of an LED module.