Whether start-up, SME or corporate group, the Fraunhofer IMWS cooperates with numerous companies and supports them in optimizing products and processes from development to market maturity. At this point, customers who have already been convinced by our competent and reliable way of working have their say.

ThermHex Waben GmbH

© ThermHex Waben GmbH

“For us, the Fraunhofer IMWS is a reliable and competent partner for our development of lightweight sandwich elements. For years, the institute has supported us in material classifications and optimizations and has offered valuable tips and ideas from initial findings to the finished product. With the help of the research facility's first-class technologies, we are continuously working on improving our products, thus contributing not only to customer satisfaction but also to environmental protection to a significant extent. Our cooperation has led to the development of progressive ideas and thus to the joint development of lightweight construction. This pleases not only us, but also our customers.”

Jochen Pflug, Managing Director, ThermHex Waben GmbH  

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Dr. Thomas Welss, Corporate Senior Manager bei der Henkel AG
© Henkel AG & CO. KGaA

“We use a wide variety of technologies in the development of cosmetic products. Their use requires enormous scientific expertise. With the Fraunhofer IMWS, we have scientists at our side who work with us both to develop products and to test their effects. We appreciate the scientific competence and particularly the goal-oriented and cooperative collaboration at the Fraunhofer IMWS. With the institute as our partner, we can develop and implement ideas, thus making product innovations available to our customers in the marketplace.”

Dr. Thomas Welss, Corporate Senior Manager Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Here you can see an overview of the prizes won by our scientists.



Award winner


IQ Innovation Prize of the City of Halle

For developing an innovative solution to process natural elastin into wound dressing materials

Christian Schmelzer, Marco Götze, Tobias Hedtke

Evonik Challenge

1st place in »Boosting the performance of long-chain polyamides« category for »Compatibility and adhesion improvement of long-chain polyamides«


Magdalena Jablonska, Nicole Michler

Hugo Junkers Prize of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

Second place in the »Most innovative projects of applied research« category for developing an innovative solution to process natural elastin into wound dressing materials

Christian Schmelzer, Tobias Hedtke, Marco Götze  


Best Poster Award of the Scientific Committee

Magdalena Jablonska was awarded the Best Poster Award at the 3rd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology for her work on “Antifouling modification of reverse osmose membrane modules by functional coatings on feed spacers”.

Magdalena Jablonska


Hugo-Junkers-Award of Saxony-Anhalt

1st place in the category "Most Innovative Alliance" to Ulrike Hirsch, Andreas Heilmann, Magdalena Jabłońska, Stefan Schulze and Stefan Lehmann for "Antifouling-Membranspacer in reverse osmosis modules for water desalination".

Ulrike Hirsch, Andreas Heilmann, Magdalena Jabłońska, Stefan Schulze and Stefan Lehmann


2011 VDE Award

Nico Höhle was awarded the 2011 VDE Award for his bachelor thesis “Characterization and design of electrically conductive paint layers for electrotechnical antifouling”.

Nico Höhle


VDE Sponsorship Award

For her practice-oriented paper “Evaluation of ETFE foils and their welded joints based on materials science”, Sandra Richter received the sponsorship award of the Halle regional association of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). In her work, Richter dealt with the surface treatment of high-performance polymer films to ensure that they are optimally prepared for the welding process. The polymer films are valued above all for their resistance to chemical and physical influences.

Sandra Richter


Innovation Award of the Nova Institute for Designer Shelves made of Renewable Resources

Together with the design studio “mehrwerk”, scientists of the Fraunhofer IMWS were awarded the Innovation Award of the Nova Institute for developing a shelving system made of a wood polymer material (wood plastic composite). The innovative material consists to a large extent of renewable raw materials and thus contributes to sustainable resource efficiency.

Researchers of the Fraunhofer IMWS und des Design-Studios »mehrwerk«