Hydrogen tanks

  • UD tape processes: Melt direct impregnation process (laboratory and pilot scale)
  • Development of tape material systems with special key properties (mechanical performance, reduced thickness, cryogenic use, ...)
  • Material development and characterization for H2 inliner structures
  • Characterization and modeling of damage mechanisms in composite structures
  • Analysis and quantification of the microstructure and interface of composite materials

Research infrastructure

X-Ray CT and image analysis
  • UD tape lines: UD50, UD500 (development from laboratory to pilot scale)
  • Compound development of UD tape matrix systems: Twin screw extruder (from lab to pilot scale)
  • Detection, classification and quantification of imperfections using X-ray CT
  • Mechanical testing of composite structures (statics, fatigue, adhesion, climate exposure)
  • Non-destructive testing of composite structures: thermography, ultrasound



HYPOS: H2-HD / F&E-Project High-Pressure