Materials Insights 20 | 21

In our "Materials Insights 20 | 21" expert sessions, we introduce some of the latest highlights of our research focused on current and future needs in industry. Each session provides a 20 minute presentation from one of our experts and (at least) 21 minutes of discussion with the interested parties from industry and science.

If you register for one of our live expert sessions, you will also get access to the database of all recorded expert sessions of the series. The "Materials Insights 20 | 21" sessions scheduled so far (more to follow):


Date Topic Speaker Video Link
24.08.2021, 1pm High-resolution 3D imaging with nano-CT for biofunctional and medical materials characterization Dr. Juliana Martins de Souza e Silva Video
07.09.2021, 2pm Quantitative elemental analysis in high purity materials Dr. Sylke Meyer Video
21.09.2021, 1:30pm Deep learning assisted quantitative assessment of the porosity in Ag-sinter joints based on non-destructive acoustic inspection Dr. Sebastian Brand Video
12.10.2021, 2pm Some new approaches towards better rubber composites for tire treads Prof. Mario Beiner Video
19.10.2021, 2pm Solution-oriented application of additive manufacturing for pressure-loaded and high-temperature components Wei Fu PDF presentation
26.10.2021, 2pm Multigraft copolymer blends - Novel thermoplastic elastomers with great potential Prof. Mario Beiner not yet available
02.11.2021, 2pm The fast and quantitative measurement of barrier properties in polymeric films and encapsulating materials Dr. Anton Mordvinkin not yet available
16.11.2021 The digital twin of thermoplastic composite materials and their processing Dr. Ralf Schlimper not yet available