Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS

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Eine Plattform mit Daten zu Kupfer-Legierungswerkstoffen entlang des gesamten Lebenszyklus möchte das Fraunhofer IMWS gemeinsam mit Partnern im Projekt bereitstellen.

Data platform to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability on copper alloy materials

The Fraunhofer IMWS wants to provide a platform with data on copper alloy materials along the entire life cycle together with partners. The data, which is linked by means of ontologies, connects material characterization, alloy development, performance and service life through to recycling.

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Offshore-Windpark Amrum
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Die Komponenten von Offshore-Windkraftanlagen sind extremem Stress ausgesetzt.

Power electronic components for offshore wind turbines

New components from the chip to the system level, developed by Fraunhofer IMWS and partners, reduce switching losses, improve power density and reliability, and enable a 50 percent increase in service life.

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Leco Solarzelle
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Mit einer speziellen Testplattform hat das Forschungsteam fehlerhafte Halbleiter-Metall-Kontakte untersucht.

Repair process for new solar cell technologies

A team from the Fraunhofer CSP has now researched an active mechanism that can be used to optimize high-performance solar cells.

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Wundauflage Haut
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Elektrogesponnenes Vlies aus biotechnologisch hergestelltem Tropoelastin.

Customized wound dressings made from tropoelastin

The material developed by Fraunhofer IMWS and partners combines biocompatibility, durability, biodegradability and favorable mechanical properties similar to those of skin.

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Guidelines for hydrogen safety

A hydrogen safety guide is now provided by the "HYPOS" initiative. The Fraunhofer IMWS contributed its expertise in risk analyses for electrolysis systems.

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Aufnahmen der einzelnen Komponenten des Wärmepfades eines LED-Leuchtmittels.

Infrared thermography for analysis of the heat conduction path

Sufficient cooling of heat-sensitive components is essential in many areas of technology, such as LEDs. A patented process developed by the Fraunhofer Application Center (AWZ) for Inorganic Phosphors together with the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Soest is designed to help detect and evaluate weak points.

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Geräuschdämmung Auto
© Benjamin Mielke – Ecopox GmbH & Co. KG
Applikation von ECOPOX SDM mittels KUGA Roboter mit seriennahen Parametern.

Sound deadener from sustainable materials

Sound damping systems for cars are developed in a joint research project between ECOPOX GmbH & Co. KG and the Fraunhofer IMWS. They focus on ecological liquid plastic that is to be easy to process and cost-effective.

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Areas of Research



We analyze the properties of microelectronics and microsystem technology components and thus increase the reliability and performance, for example, of computer chips and sensors.



We open up new potential for the use of polymers - for example, as lightweight construction materials for the automotive and aviation industry, in efficient tyres or as plastics made of renewable raw materials.


Health Care

How good are the materials used in medical engineering and biotechnology? How can cosmetic care products be improved? What can materials made from natural materials achieve? We find out.



We use our top expertise to improve technology, from wafer manufacture to module production. We develop new materials to make photovoltaics more cost effective, more efficient and more reliable.



We work on the latest generation of lighting technology and improve the reliability, efficiency and color stability of LEDs.



Using material diagnostic methods, we analyze and characterize components used in hydrogen production and storage.


Optical Materials

We drive innovations for microstructure-based optimization of optical materials and coatings, as well as for laser processing technologies used in industrial applications.


Carbon Conversion

Using new technologies, we are working on the efficient, resource-saving, and climate-neutral use of carbon resources.