Awards 2023

Poster Award der ESAO Winter School

Celia Sofia Salazar Silva took second place at the Winter School of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO) with her contribution "A standardized in vitro bioengineered skin for penetrating wound modelling".

18.02.2023, Wittenberg


Ranking of "Germany's most innovative companies"

For the fifth time in a row, the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS has been included in this list of the best, which is compiled annually by "Capital" magazine and the market research service provider "Statista". The results are based on surveys of industry and innovation experts. The Fraunhofer CSP was once again ranked among the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany".

22.02.2023, Hamburg


Silicon PV Award der 13th Silicon PV Conference

Stefan Lange, David Adner, Christian Hagendorf et al received the award at the international symposium for their contribution "Enhancement of NiOx/poly-Si Contact Performance by Insertion of Ultrathin Matallic Ni Interlayer".

14.04.2023, Delft/Niederlange


Best Paper Award of the international workshop »Therminic 2023«

Dr. Nils Jonas Ziegeler received the award for his work "Tridiagonal Approaches for Network Identification by Deconvolution", which was developed together with Dr. Peter Nolte and Prof. Dr. Stefan Schweizer from Fraunhofer AWZ Soest. His findings can contribute to the improved development of high-performance headlights and rear lights.

08.11.2023, Budapest / Ungarn


Heinz Bethge Prize for Materials Science of the Heinz Bethge Foundation for Applied Electron Microscopy

Stefan Lange was honored for his dissertation "Parasitic oxides at buried interfaces in modern silicon solar cells". His findings enable a better understanding of the fundamental properties of the layer systems in a solar cell and the associated electronic properties.

15.11.2023, Halle (Saale)


»Attendees Best Paper« of ISTFA 2023

The "Advances in High-Resolution Non-Destructive Defect Localization based on Machine Learning Enhanced Signal Processing" presented by Sebastian Brand at the 49th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA) was named "Attendees Best Paper".Other authors from the Fraunhofer IMWS who contributed to the paper are Michael Kögel, Christian Große and Frank Altmann.

05.12.2023, Phoenix, AZ / USA