Autonomous driving


»Automated driving can save lives«

Berthold Hellenthal of Audi about the opportunities of autonomous driving and the challenges for car manufacturers.


Where is the autonomous car going?

Challenges and opportunities of autonomous driving were discussed by experts at a symposium of the Leopoldina and the Fraunhofer IMWS.


High-tech for more safety

What can autonomous driving accomplish? Where are the pitfalls? When will the first cars be available on the German market? MDR Info highlights the topic.


Competitive advantage for the automotive industry

Just how important reliable electronic components are for autonomous driving was discussed by 400 international experts at the ESREF 2016 conference.


Solutions for the networked car

At a workshop at the Fraunhofer IMWS, experts discussed car electronics of the future.


CAM development in Halle

In Halle, the basic conditions for in-depth understanding of material behavior are extended.