Ulrike Hirsch


Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Hirsch, research associate in group »Biofunctional materials for medicine and environmental applications«

Areas of research


  • Modification and coating of surfaces with regard to anti-adhesive and antimicrobial properties for environmental and other applications, particularly materials for water treatment
  • Hydrogels and hygroscopic coatings with antimicrobial properties
  • Materials science characterization of surface modifications and thin coatings using spectroscopic (e.g. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) and microscopic methods
  • Evaluation of antimicrobial properties of materials using application-oriented test installations


Academic/professional resume


Since 2010

Research associate and project manager in group »Biofunctional materials for medicine and environmental applications«, Fraunhofer IMWS


Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.), dissertation topic: »Antifouling functionalization of composite membranes for reverse osmosis through plasma processes and radical polymerization«


Completion of studies in Materials Science (Dipl.-Ing.) with specialization in »Medical Materials« at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg





Hugo Junkers Award, 1st place in »Most innovative alliance« category with IAB Ionenaustauscher GmbH Bitterfeld for »Antifouling membrane spacers in reverse osmosis modules for water desalination«, jointly with Andreas Heilmann, Magdalena Jabłońska, Stefan Schulze, C. Schellenberg and S. Lehmann


Schott AG Material Prize. Recognition award for Dissertation »Antifouling functionalization of composite membranes for reverse osmosis through plasma processes and radical polymerization«




Schutz vor Biofouling

Wehrspohn, R.; Hirsch, U.
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Plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering of silver nanoparticles on reverse osmosis membranes for improved antifouling properties

Hirsch, U.; Teuscher, N.; Ruehl, M.; Heilmann, A.
Surfaces and Interfaces 16, 2019; 1-7


From the surface to the bulk: A comparison of methods for the microanalysis of an immiscible polymer blend

Jablonska, M.; Reißaus, S.; Henning, S.; Menzel, M.; Hähnel, A.; Klehm, J.; Hirsch, U.; Heilmann, A.
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Antifoulingbeschichtungen für keramische Membranen

Hirsch, U.; Richter, S.; Teuscher, N.; Petzold, W.; Heilmann, A.
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Antifouling coatings via plasma polymerization and atom transfer radical polymerization on thin film composite membranes for reverse osmosis

Hirsch, U.; Ruehl, M.; Teuscher, N.; Heilmann, A.
Applied Surface Science 436, 2018; 207–216


Herstellung und Anwendung von dünnen Schichten mit Naturstoffen

Hirsch, U.; Richter, S.; Teuscher, N.; Schulze, S.; Heilmann, A.; Kampa, B.; Paschke, R.; Lach, R.; Redmann, R.
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Antifouling-Funktionalisierung von Kompositmembranen zur Reversosmose durch Plasmaprozesse und radikalische Polymerisation

Hirsch, U.
Dissertation, Martin-Luther-Universität 2015


Sustainable wood-plastic composites from bio-based polyamide 11 and chemically modified beech fibers

Zierdt, P.; Theumer, T.; Kulkarni, G.; Daeumlich, V.; Klehm, J.; Hirsch, U.; Weber, A.
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Antifouling modification and application-oriented testing of reverse osmosis membranes

Hirsch, U.; Ruehl, M.; Teuscher, N.; Cismak, A.; Spohn, U.; Heilmann, A.
Conference Proceedings from the Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition 2013, 25.–28.02.2013, San Antonio, USA; Article TH-3D-2