Webinar  /  October 19, 2021, 14:00-14:45

Online expert session

Over last 30 years, the innovative technology Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been developed as a promising fabrication technology. In particular, AM technologies have been very successfully implemented in various industries, for example automotive, aerospace, medical technology. AM technologies enable a new technological plateau for sustainable, highly efficient and tailor-made as well as customer-individual applications. However, compared to the above-mentioned industries, there are relatively few applications of AM technology for the chemical industry and power plant technology due to the high safety requirements for parts and components regarding high pressure and high temperature applications.

In this session, we present RD&D results in the field of AM-supported innovative component development for various industry-related and solution-oriented applications, for instance AM-components for the HP-POX gasification plant and the GSP gasification plant.