Webinar  /  August 24, 2021, 13:00-13:45

Online expert session

Nano-CT enables imaging a small specimen of virtually any composition. After the imaging experiment, we obtain a 3D high-resolution representation of the specimen analysed without the need to cut or destroy it. Moreover, we can see the sample at any virtual cut or angle using this 3D representation. The 3D images can be used for visualisation with high-resolution (below 100 nm) of the morphology of industrial samples, to see cracks and defects. The images can be also used in simulations of fluid/electric flow or to predict new materials properties without the need for several lab tests.   

Nano-CT provides images with much higher resolution than the typical micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). It enables 3D imaging with resolution as high as FIB-SEM, but without the destruction of the specimen (which can then be analysed by another technique, for example).

At Fraunhofer IMWS, we have the possibility to image in two different modes, traditional absorption-contrast and phase-contrast imaging. With phase contrast, we can see small defects and cracks, which cannot be identified easily with other techniques. The opportunities and advantages of this technique for current and future needs in industry and research will be presented in the online expert session.