Carbon Conversion

We are working on the efficient, resource-saving, and climate-neutral use of carbon resources, and are thus contributing to the development of efficient and sustainable solutions to pressing issues in society. The goal is to integrate sources of carbon back into the process chains (chemical recycling) using new technologies available for large-scale use, and therefore to close the carbon cycle. At the same time, the economically competitive production of mass products (such as basic chemicals, plastics) and high-priced special products (such as carbon fibers, extraction substances) based on domestic carbon resources should be made possible, including waste materials present in a wide range of qualities like plastic and biomass waste.

The links to the production and storage of electricity from renewable sources and of green hydrogen as well as the recycling of waste containing carbon, all of which are important building blocks for a circular carbon economy, will also be examined.


We offer:

  • Integrated technology development for the effective and sustainable use of domestic carbon resources
  • New and advanced processes for extraction and solvolysis, pyrolysis, gasification, gas purification and waste water treatment, CO2-tolerant and CO2-based syntheses, waste preparation, conveying and feeding systems for coal and waste materials
  • Analysis of carbon resources and their conversion products
  • Pilot-scale systems for testing the various substances used based on different conversion concepts and under near-industrial conditions
  • Supplementary research for model-based (predictive) design, control, and regulation; new material and process sensors for highly efficient control and regulation: integrated process chains for the carbon cycle; and  development and testing of alternative material systems in areas subject to high thermal and chemical stresses.