Fraunhofer IMWS wins awards at the world’s leading electronics conference held in Las Vegas

Better ways to operate power electronic components at particularly high temperatures and a new procedure for the non-destructive assessment of their joining layers: For these discoveries, experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS received awards at the Electronic Components Technology Conference (ECTC) in Las Vegas.

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Fraunhofer IMWS supports European research project Power2Power

3 partners from eight countries are researching and developing innovative power semiconductors with more power density and energy efficiency: With this goal, the European research project Power2Power, which has a duration of three years and is coordinated by Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH & Co. KG, has just begun.

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Fraunhofer CAM will be expanded

A total of 9 million Euros will be invested in new rooms, which will provide laboratories, offices, seminar and meeting rooms.

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Identification of Hightech-Glass

In cooperation with boraident, the Fraunhofer IMWS is working on new methods of marking different kinds of glas

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Precise specimen preparation at the nano-scale

Every Analysis is just as good as the quality of the specimen - this also applies to electron microscopy. A device developed at the Fraunhofer IMWS simplifies work considerably.

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Abriss Diagnostik Erkennung Ebene
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Cracking in a microchip contact, can only be detected under the microscope.

Our Business Unit “Electronic Materials and Compo-nents” investigates components, systems and materials of electronics and microsystem engineering, for example integrated semiconductor circuits, sensors, electronic components and assemblies. These are analyzed and tested comprehensively, in order to understand the relationship between technological process and application conditions  withmicrostructure and material properties as well as with the affected functional performance in detail. For the benefit of our costumers, we master complex, powerful methods that include non-destructive analytics, high-resolution methods of electron microscopy and solid-state spectroscopy, surface and trace analysis methods, and mechanical material characterization that includes modeling and numerical simulation.

Major areas of our work are the process characterization on a microstructural level complementing the introduction of innovative technologies as well as the fast and client-focused root cause analysis of faults and of defect formation. The results are incorporated into the clients’ manufacturing processes and thus help to increase the quality and reliability of these systems.

Our clients and partners are mainly from the automotive electronics supplier chain, but also from communications technology, the optics, medical and consumer industry, power electronics for energy and industrial engineering and the segment of equipment suppliers for microstructure diagnostics and testing.


In our research projects with partners from industry or publicly funded projects we investigate electronic components along the entire production chain from wafer to the assembly in the end application.

Semiconductor wafers and chips (IC, sensors, power electronics, optoelectronics) of Si technologies, GaN and SiC

Materials and components of packaging and connection technology, power electronics modules

Electronic assemblies and systems, e.g. in automobile applications


Our services are focused on:

Process characterization by means of microstructural analysis in electronics development, especially supporting the introduction of innovative systems engineering and new materials

Complex failure diagnostics for field returns, tracking of causes of faults in qualification or in production

Further development of methods, equipments and procedures for quality control, testing and defect analysis