Packaging of integrated circuits

Contact materials and interconnects as key points for the functionality in components and systems

Contact materials and interconnects (e.g. wire bond contacts, soldered, press-fit, adhesive connections) must meet high requirements for efficiency and reliability  as they are key points for the functionality of components and systems.

At the same time, mass production, integration density and cost pressure demand high-throughput and robust manufacturing processes, low material usage and cost-efficient composite materials. We support you with our know-how along the entire value chain.

We help our clients to identify failure mechanisms

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Power module with multi-interface degradation between bond contact and chip, chip and die-attach and die-attach and substrate.

Understanding interactions and property changes inside materials or components and at their interfaces is the basic prerequisite for identifying failure mechanisms, optimizing systems and processes in terms of their efficiency and reliability, and developing and implementing innovative technological approaches. To develop this understanding and offer it to our customers in line with their needs, we have comprehensive expertise in materials science, process technology and applications, excellent analytical equipment that encompasses different methods and scales, as well as flexible and highly solution-oriented processing concepts. This enables us to support our customers along the entire value chain, from materials and processing to the indentifying of ageing and failure mechanisms and the development of physics-of-failure concepts.

What you can expect:

We support our partners in:

  • material development and selection (qualification, development- and production support)
  • the creation of mission profile concepts (material and component design)
  • fault and degradation analysis up to the identification of mechanisms as well as the definition of corrective measures
  • the evaluation, adaptation, enhancement and new development of test and analysis methods and their evaluation criteria

Your benefit: effective development processes

With our comprehensive knowledge of material properties and behavior, we enable our partners to carry out effective development processes and support them in new developments by providing material and process expertise.

Our customers benefit from:

  • a better understanding of the product
  • increased reliability and robustness of their electronic systems
  • a joint development of test and analysis methods that are adapted to the respective customer-specific questions
  • our knowledge of influencing factors, interactions and degradation mechanisms and the repair thereof, should a damage event have occurred

Services offered


Material and component characterisation during development


Helping to optimize production and processing


Analysis of failure modes, degradation mechanisms and failure risks


Simulation and assessment of service life


Development of adapted test and analysis methods


Year Title/Author

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