Material diagnostics Power electronics

Reliability and service life in operational behavior play a central role

Power electronic devices and modules are becoming increasingly important as they play a significant role in determining the efficiency of generation, conversion, distribution and use of electrical energy in various applications - from mobile phones to hybrid cars and wind turbines. As in other areas of microelectronics, reliability and service life are crucial to the performance of systems. At the same time, very high demands are placed on the quality of components.

With complex material diagnostics, we research the interrelations between microstructural properties of the materials and components used in power electronic components and assessing their application limits. Our work thus plays a significant role in quality assurance.

We offer material diagnostics and failure analysis for challenging issues

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Defective power electronic packaging module

We offer our clients material diagnostics and failure analysis for challenging issues tailored to the individual, stress-related operating conditions of electronic components. In close consultation with our customers, we apply established failure analysis methods and preparation techniques and adapt them specifically to the complex issues that arise. To this end, we use physical and chemical analyses as well as the modelling of defect causes and reliability risks. We provide microstructure analysis of compact, long-term stable power electronic modules with high resilience and reliability. Furthermore, we provide analysis and evaluate new module concepts in the area of highly integrated modules.

What you can expect: powerful failure diagnostics and reliability analyses

We support our partners:

  • with powerful failure diagnostics and reliability analyses as well as investigations for warranty issues for products with long service life in use
  • in the development of innovative material solutions and technologies for power electronics
  • with methods of materials analytics to qualify new manufacturing processes for industrial practice
  • with modern and optimized diagnostic methods to secure an optimal yield in series production and thus contribute to quality assurance
  • by optimizing and developing innovative testing and diagnostic procedures in quality assurance

Your benefit: Quality assurance and accelerated time to market for your products

Our customers benefit from a faster time to market for new materials, material solutions and technologies, as well as from an increase in quality and process reliability. The resulting increase in yield and reduction in field failures in turn leads to increased cost efficiency and helps you to stand out from the competition with reliable and durable products.

Services offered


Material diagnostics and failure analysis


Quality assurance of processes


Optimization and development of test procedures


Year Title/Author

Flyer: Material diagnostics Power electronics


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