OCP Group and Fraunhofer IMWS sign a partnership agreement for the creation of a world-class research laboratory in Morocco

The Fraunhofer IMWS in Halle (Saale) and the Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart, Straubing and Leuna are intensifying their cooperation with partners in Morocco.

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Conductive polymer composites for electrolysis

Innovative composite materials could be more cost-effective and efficient than previously used materials. The Fraunhofer IMWS wants to make them ready for use in water electrolysis.

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Electrolysis test platform in Leuna starting in 2019

The new plant will combine innovative technologies for producing green hydrogen with an excellent infrastructure of gas pipelines and gas storage systems.

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Successful participation at Hannover Messe fair

The Fraunhofer IMWS presented its portfolio relating to water electrolysis.

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In the hydrogen field of competence, we primarily work on optimizing hydrogen production and storage. In order to make water electrolysis more competitive compared to conventional hydrogen production processes, such as steam reforming, the investment and operating costs must be reduced significantly.

Since producing and storing ultra-pure hydrogen places significant demands on the materials, it is important to have excellent know-how in the area of material characterization and diagnostics. Using electrical, electrochemical and microstructural processes, we analyze and characterize the materials and components that are used in hydrogen production and storage. The resulting findings are used to optimize existing materials and to develop new, more efficient materials.

We also study and analyze the technical and economic relevance of various electrolysis systems in order to make them marketable, supported by research and development projects.

What we offer:

Identifying the degradation behavior of stack components and developing strategies to minimize and avoid this

Material benchmarks

Developing and characterizing improved materials for water electrolysis

Microstructural evaluation of components for electrolyzers and transport containers

Evaluating electrolyzers on an industrial scale

Reliability studies for power electronics and the process and security sensors.