We deal primarily with optimizing the generation and storage of hydrogen. The objective is to reduce the cost of investment and the operating costs to increase the competitiveness of water electrolysis in comparison to conventional hydrogen production processes such as steam reforming.

Since the production and storage of highly pure hydrogen places substantial requirements on the materials used, excellent know-how in material characterization and diagnostics is an important prerequisite. With the help of electrical, electrochemical, and microstructural processes, we analyze and characterize the materials and components used to produce and store hydrogen. The knowledge gained is used to optimize existing materials and develop new, more efficient materials.

We also study and analyze the technical and economic relevance of various electrolysis systems to make them ready for the market by conducting supplemental research and development.


We offer:

  • Identification of the degradation behavior of stack components and the development of strategies for its minimization and prevention
  • Material benchmarks
  • Development and characterization of improved materials for water electrolysis
  • Microstructural evaluation of components for electrolyzers and transport containers
  • Evaluation of electrolyzers on an industrial scale
  • Reliability studies on power electronics and on the process and safety sensors