Microstructure of optical materials

The properties of many optical materials and systems are often largely determined by their microstructure or nanostructure. Precise knowledge of the microstructure of such functionalized materials, e.g. thin-film-based optical components or glass-ceramic materials with nanoscopic crystal precipitates in a glassy matrix, is therefore crucial both for their development and for fault diagnostics if the desired properties deviate from the target specification. With the help of high-resolution analytical techniques, primarily from the field of electron microscopy and surface spectroscopy, we examine optical materials precisely and in great detail, helping our partners to understand the composition, microstructure and functionality of their materials.

What we can offer

  • Micro- and nanostructure diagnostics on optical thin-film systems, glasses, (glass) ceramics and (effect) pigments at the highest level
  • Use of full analytical equipment, including a wide range of artifact-free sample preparation methods 

What you can expect

We support our partners in 

  • Development of optical materials and systems through accompanying microstructure diagnostics
  • Targeted defect diagnostics to quickly determine the cause of defects
  • Interpretation of the results, based on the many years of expertise of motivated employees, instead of mere communication of results

Your benefit

  • Microstructure-based process understanding shortens development times
  • Increased efficiency through fast and competent error analysis 
  • Rich experience thanks to many years of cooperation with manufacturers of specialty glasses, (glass) ceramics and thin-film-based optics